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Radio Transmitting Sets AN/ART-13A and AN/ART-13B are medium power, aircraft radio transmitters, designed to provide radio communication by voice, modulated continuous wave telegraphy (MCW), or continuous wave telegraphy (CW).

Either a carbon or dynamic microphone may be used for voice emission.
The audio system is capable of modulating the carrier (100 watts nominal) at least 90 percent for MCW or Voice emission.

When operating with CW or MCW emission, entirely satisfactory performance will be obtained for keying speeds up to 30 words per minute.

Transmission frequencies differ between the Models AN/ART-13A and AN/ART-13B as outlined in the manual.

Shifting from one transmission to another can be accomplished by the conventional method of “hand-positioning” the controls or by using the built-in automatic shifting mechanism known as the “Autotune”.

This automatic mechanism is also utilized to provide remote control of functions required to shift transmission frequency.

AN ART-13 Front.jpg (28324 bytes)

AN ART-13B Front.jpg (23495 bytes)

The Manual Consists of  the Following :-

Equipment Supplied
Equipment Required but Not Supplied
General Description of Equipment
Dynamotor Unit
Control Units
Control Panel
Antenna Loading Unit
Antenna Shunt Capacitor
Similar Equipment
Interconnection of Radio Transmitting Set AN/ART-13A with
Radio Receiving Set AN/ARR-11 to Form Complete Radio Set
Interchangeability of Major Units
Symbol Designation

Dynamotor Crate
Control Unit
Antenna Loading Unit
Antenna Shunt Capacitor
Preparation for installation
Mechanical inspection
Bench Test
Dynamotor Unit
Antenna Loading Unit
Control Unit
Control Panel
Antenna Shunt Capacitor and Switch
Oscillator 0-17/ART-13A and Panel MX-128/ART-13
Oscillator CDA-T Inter-Unit Connections
Inspection and Test after Installation
Use of Calibration Tables
Procedures for Setting the Controls of Radio Transmitter Set 
AN/ART-13A (Manual or Autotune Operation)
Simplified Procedure for Setting the Controls

Starting and Stopping the Equipment
To Start
To Stop
Operation During Normal Use
Corrective Measures If Normal Operation Is Not Obtained 
Fuse or Circuit Breaker Failure 
Remote Control Unit or Cable Failure 
Tube Failures 
Autotune Failure 
Antenna Loading Unit Failure 
Vacuum Switch Failure 
Cold Weather Failure
Description of Operation 
Origin of Carrier Frequency 
First Audio Amplifier, Audio Driver, and Modulator 
MCW Oscillator 
Power Amplification and Antenna Coupling 
Sidetone Amplifier 
Calibration Frequency Indicator ("CFI") Unit 
Detailed Analysis of Major Circuits 
Power Control Circuits 
Filament Circuits 
High Voltage Circuits 
Emission Selection and Carrier Control 
Audio Circuits 
“CFI" Calibration Oscillator Unit 
Radio-Frequency Circuits Radio Transmitting Set AN/ART-13A 
Radio-Frequency Circuits Radio Transmitting Set AN/ART-13B 
The Autotune System 
Mechanical Characteristics 
Electrical Characteristics 
Operation Cycle of Autotune Mechanism 
Functions Performed by the Autotune System 

Pre-Flight Inspection 
Daily inspection 
100-Hour Inspection 
Trouble Shooting in the Plane 
Simplified Trouble Shooting on Installed Equipment
Tube Checking and Replacement 
Trouble Shooting at Repair Station 
Trouble Shooting Table 
Removing and Servicing Major Assemblies—Obtaining Access to Parts
Maintenance of Autotune Mechanism 
Synchronization Check 
Autotune Positioning Mechanism 
Checking and Adjusting Limit Switches 
Replaceable Parts of Autotune Mechanism 
Replacing Autotune Parts 
Alignment of VFO Radio Frequency Circuits Model AN/ART-13A 
Low-Frequency Oscillator Alignment 
High-Frequency Oscillator Alignment (Using “CFI”) 
High-Frequency Oscillator Alignment (Using External Frequency 
Frequency Multiplier Alignment 
Alignment of Crystal-Controlled Radio Frequency Circuits Model 
Low-Frequency Oscillator Alignment 
High Frequency Oscillator Alignment 
Alignment of CFI Unit 
General Calibration Instructions 
Precision Calibration 
Approximate Calibration Adjusting of MCW Oscillator 
Replacing and Adjusting Vacuum Contact S116
Calibration Tables 6-9 and 6-10 
Tables of Approximate Control Settings (for Antenna Tuning and 
Loading) — Table 6-11 
General Specifications of Equipment 
Range of Available Transmission Frequencies 
Frequency Stability 
Antenna Requirements 
R-F Power Output 
Power Input Requirements 
Tube Complement 
Audio Input impedance 
Overall Audio Frequency Response 
Sidetone Output 
Audio Input 
Noise Level 
Audio Distortion 
Sidetone Distortion 
Resistance Measurements of Autotune Motor

AN/ART-13A Equipment Supplied 
AN/ART-13B Equipment Supplied 
Equipment Required but Not Supplied 
Vacuum Tube Complement 
Power Input Requirements 
Required Antenna Characteristics 
Interchangeability of Major Units 
Use of Antenna Shunt Capacitor with Antennas of Different 
CDA-T Crystal Controlled Oscillator/Multiplier Operation 
VFO-Oscillator/Multiplier Operation 
Frequency Range Covered by Positions of High Frequency Tuning Control “A” 
Function of Multi-Section Output Network Switch S113 
Trouble Shooting on Installed Equipment 
Trouble Shooting at Repair Station 
Voltage-to-Ground from Vacuum Tube Terminals 
Voltage-to-Ground from Cable Connector Terminals 
Resistance-to-Ground from Vacuum Tube Terminals 
Resistance-to-Ground from Cable Connector Terminals 
Resistance-to-Ground from Tube and Connector Terminals CDA-T Unit 
Replaceable Autotune Parts 
Range of Available Transmission Frequencies in Low Frequency 
Range of Available Transmission Frequencies in High Frequency 
R-F Power Output 
Power Input Requirements 
Dynamotor Characteristics and Resistance Measurements 
Vacuum Tube Complement 
Sidetone Output 
Resistance Measurements of Autotune Motor 
Calibration of Low Frequency Oscillator (200 KC to 600 KC) 
Calibration of High Frequency Oscillator (2000 KC to 18100 KC) 
Tables of Approximate Dial Settings (for Antenna Tuning and 
Radio Transmitting Set AN/ART-13A Major Assemblies 
Radio Transmitting Set AN/ART-13B Major Assemblies 
Radio Transmitter T-47A/ART-13 
Radio Transmitter T-412/ART-13B-Front View 
Radio Transmitter T-47A/ART-13 Units Removed 
Radio Transmitter T-412/ART-13B and Removable Units 
Dynamotor Unit DY-17/ART-13A 
Control Unit C-87/ART-13 
Control Panel C-405/A 
Antenna Loading Unit CU-32/ART-13A Front View 
Antenna Shunt Capacitor CU-24/ART-13 
Tube Replacement Diagram 
Tube Replacement Diagram AN/ART-13B 
Microphone Selector Switch and Sidetone Output Switch 
MCW-CFI Unit Top View 
Transmitter and Mounting Plate MT-283/ART-13, shown with 
Mounting Bases MT-284/ART-13 and MT-284A/ART-13 
Dynamotor Unit DY-17/ART-13A with Mounting Plate MT-164/ART-13 
Antenna Loading Unit CU-32/ART-13A with Mounting Base 
Control Unit C-87/ART-13 with Mounting Plate MT-163/ ART-l3 
Illustration Showing Setting of Control “B” to 1114.1 
Radio Transmitter T-47A/ART-13 
Radio Transmitter T-412/ART-13B Front View 
Antenna Loading Unit CU32/ART-13A Front View 
Crystal Controlled Oscillator Unit (CDA-T) Front Side View 
Radio Transmitting Set AN/ART-13A Block Diagram 
Radio Transmitting Set AN/ART-13B Block Diagram 
Power Control Circuits 
Filament Circuits AN/ART-13A and AN/ART-13B 
Filament Circuits AN/ART-13B 
High Voltage Circuits 
Emission Selection and Carrier Control Circuits AN/ART.13A 
Emission Selection and Carrier Control Circuits AN/ART-13B 
Speech Amplifier Circuits 
Modulator Circuit 
Sidetone Amplifier Circuit 
MCW Oscillator Circuit 
CFI Oscillator Circuit 
VFO Low Frequency R-F Circuits AN/ART-13A 
Low Frequency R-F Circuits Crystal Controlled Operation 
High Frequency R-F Circuits VFO Operation AN/ART-13A 
High Frequency R-F Circuits Crystal-Controlled Operation 
Power Amplifier and High Frequency Output Circuits 
Autotune Mechanism Mechanical Portion 
Singleturn Autotune Unit (Type 96J) Left Side View 
Singleturn Autotune Unit (Type 96J) Right Side View 
Multiturn Autotune Unit (Type 96K) Left Side View
Multiturn Autotune Unit (Type 96K) Right Side View
Autotune Casting
Electrical Portion of Autotune System
Sequence of Autotune Operation
Tube Replacement Diagram AN/ART-I3A
Location of Brushes on Russell Dynamotor
Location of Brushes on General Electric Dynamotor
Initial Disassembly of Eicor Dynamotor
Exploded View of Eicor Dynamotor
Component Parts of Russell Dynamotor
Component Parts of General Electric Dynamotor
Radio Transmitter T-47A/ART-13 and Removable Units
Low Frequency Oscillator
Crystal-Controlled Oscillator Unit (CDA-T) Top View
High Frequency Oscillator Side View, Open
Frequency Multiplier
MCW-CFI Unit Top View
Keying Relay K102 and Vacuum Contact S116
Overall Audio Frequency Response Curve
Radio Transmitter T-47A/ART-13 Front View, Open
Radio Transmitter T-47A/ART-13 Top View, Cover Removed
Radio Transmitter T-4l2/ART-13B Top View, Cover Removed
Radio Transmitter T-47A/ART-13 Bottom View, Panel Removed
Radio Transmitter T-412/ART-13B Bottom View, Panel Removed
Low Frequency Oscillator Unit (Oscillator 0-17/ART-13A) Top 
View, Open
Low Frequency Oscillator Unit (Oscillator 0-17/ART-13A) Bottom View, Open
Crystal-Controlled Oscillator Unit (CDA-T) Top View
Crystal-Controlled Oscillator Unit (CDA-T) Parts Identification
High Frequency Oscillator Side View. Open
Frequency Multiplier Side View, Open
MCW-CFI Unit Top View
MCW-CFI Unit Bottom View
Audio Amplifier Unit Top View
Audio Amplifier Unit Bottom View
Autotune Casting
Firewall Assembly Top View
Firewall Assembly Bottom View
Multi-Element Switch Right Side View
Multi-Element Switch Left Side View
Control Unit C-87/ART-13 Front View
Control Unit C-87/ART-13 (Modified*) Front View
Control Unit C-87/ART-13 Rear View, Open
Control Unit C-87/ART-13 (Modified*) Rear View
Control Panel C-405/A Front View
Control Panel C-405/A Rear View, Open
Antenna Loading Unit CU-32/ART-13A Front View
Antenna Loading Unit CU-32IART-13A Rear View, Open
Antenna Shunt Capacitor CU-24/ART-13
Eicor Dynamotor DY-17A/ART-13A Bottom View
Dynamotor Unit DY-17/ART-13A Bottom View
Radio Transmitter T-47A/ART-l3 and Mounting Base MT-284A/ART-13 Outline Dimensions
Control Unit C-87/ART.13 (Modified*) Outline Dimensions
Antenna Loading Unit CU-32/ART-13A Outline Dimensions
Mounting Base MT-198/ART-13A Outline Dimensions
Antenna Shunt Capacitor CU-24/ART-13 Outline Dimensions
Switch SA-46/ART-13 Outline Dimensions
Dynamotor Unit DY-17/ART-13A Outline Dimensions
Control Panel C-405/A Outline Dimensions
Plugs for Radio Transmitting Set AN/ART-13A
Antenna Loading Unit CU-32/ART-13A Practical Wiring Diagram
Low Frequency Oscillator Unit Practical Wiring Diagram
MCW-CFI Unit Practical Wiring Diagram
Audio Amplifier Practical Wiring Diagram
Control Unit (Modified*) Practical Wiring Diagram
Dynamotor Unit DY-17/ART-13A Practical Wiring Diagram
Control Panel C-405/A Practical Wiring Diagram
Radio Transmitter T-47A/ART-13 Practical Wiring Diagram
Eicor Dynamotor DY-17A/ART-13A Schematic Diagram
Radio Transmitting Set AN/ART-13A Schematic Diagram
Typical Wiring Diagram for Radio Set AN/ARC-8
Radio Transmitting Set AN/ART-13B Schematic Diagram
Antenna Loading Unit CU-32/ART-l3A. Test Inter-Connection 

AN ART-13A ATU.jpg (30113 bytes)

Manual with Circuit
and Layout Images
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Manual with Circuit
and Layout Images
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AN ART-13 Dynamotor.jpg (29101 bytes)

Manual with Circuit
and Layout Images
available Details Below
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Collins Radio Transmitter

A Maintenance Manual on the AN/ART-13 of 400 pages

An Operating Manual Covering all three versions AN/ART13 AN/ART13A & AN/ART13B of 160 pages

Another Maintenance Manual covering two versions AN/ART13A & AN/ART13B of 279 pages

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