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The 53 Set Transmitter

There is more to this HF transmitter than I have, namely the modulator and power supply.

The unit pictured has the PA stages with 3 large roller coasters and a couple of 813's.

The VFO is the separate slide in unit with the large dial.

This one is in mint condition never having been used, one day I shall find the other bits, power it up and dim the lights in Mullion Cove.

The complete transmitter should look like the one below right, the unit on top I believe is the ATU.

All other photographs are of my own equipment, but as I do not have a complete set  the image to the right is not mine

53 Set TX.jpg (29618 bytes)

The photo to the right taken in the 1950s shows how not to service a 53 set, it was kindly supplied by Mr Brian Goode.

Brian operated and serviced this radio transmitter as well as the 19 set AR88 and others. 

Bian is the good looking fellow on the left with the fire extinguisher.

Update from Brian 
Just for info. - The grease gun was a fire extinguisher and the other two were:- Sam Blake and 'Lofty' Manners.

Sam, who lived in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, died a couple of years ago but I haven't any info on 'Lofty' Manners apart from the facts that he was a Nat. Serviceman and came from the West Country. 

The three of us served in Gurkha Royal Signals (now the Queens Gurkha Signals) and the photoraph was taken in the transmitter site at Rasah Camp, Seremban, Malaya.

The camp being the HQ of the 17th Gurkha Infantry Division. (1955)

Brian Goode 53 Set.jpg (59146 bytes)

The Wireless Sender No 53 Manual Contains the Following :-

Purpose and facilities
Power output
Frequency band
Power supply
Sender assembly
Brief circuit description
Weights and dimensions

Setting up
R.F. Amplifier and Master Oscillator
Modulator Unit No. 27
Power Supply Unit No. 26
Connecting up

To operate
Netting procedure
Opening up and prepare to net drill
Netting drill
Establishing communications
Closing down drill
Crystal control operation

Daily Maintenance
Weekly Maintenance
Details of components

Appendix I. Aerial Length Chart

Wireless Sender No. 53 mounted in racks mounting No. 12. Front view.
Wireless Sender No. 53 mounted in racks mounting No. 12. Rear view.
Power Supply Unit No. 26. Front panel.
Modulator Unit No. 27. Front panel.
R.F. Amplifier and Unit Master Oscillator No. 2. Front panels.
Power Supply Unit No. 26. Plan view.
Modulator Unit No. 27. Plan view.
R.F. Amplifier and Master Oscillator. Plan view.
Aerial Coupling Unit No. 2A. Plan view.
P.S.U. No. 26 Circuit Diagram 
Modulator Unit No. 27. Circuit diagram.
R.F. Amp., M.O., and Aerial Coupling Unit No. 2A. Circuit diagram.

53 SET 50%.jpg (30220 bytes)

Manual and Circuit
available Details Below
As a Download

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53 Set Front Panel.jpg (62470 bytes)

The 53 Set Wireless Sender Manual contains 36 A4 Pages including Circuits Component lists and Layouts.
Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download.

Manual 36 A4 pages worldwide.

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Manuals are Available Worldwide as a Download

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